How would it feel if you have to travel somewhere without your Pet. Gone are the days when Pet Parents would travel leaving their Pets behind at Home or at a Pet Boarding Facility? Given the present scenario which is favorable for travel with Pets like Pet Friendly Transportation (Pets can travel now by Road/Rail/Flight), boom in Pet Friendly Accommodation travelling with your Four Legged Friend has been eased.

However, travelling with Pets is not a very easy task. The following factors need to be considered when you plan a Travel Trip with your Furry Buddy.

  • Health of your Pet
  • Nature of the Trip (Road Trip/Adventure Trip/Religious)
  • Availability of Good Pet Friendly Accommodation
  • The Destination

Here are a few points which may be handy when your plan a Trip with your Pets

Consult your Vet

Before you commence your Trip please consult your Vet and share details of the Trip (Destination/Type of Trip) and present health condition of the Pet. Even a healthy Pet may not be comfortable to travel depending on the location. Hence consulting with your Vet is of utmost importance.

Have a Good Carrier

Though your Pet may like to travel on your Lap, it’s always better to carry a carrier with you. In case your Pet is not comfortable with Carrier you may carry a Soft Bed. If travel is by Train/Air they have a separate set of specifications for transportation of your Pet.

Make sure your Pet has an ID Tag

Your Pet must have a Collar with an ID Tag that has your Pet’s Name, Your Address and Mobile Number. This gains relevance when your Pet is on a crowded street/road and has a possibility of getting lost/escape/flee.

Pet ID Tag

Finding a Good Pet Friendly Accommodation

Most of the Hotels/Lodges are Pet Friendly now, however kindly have yourself cleared with a few questions

  • Is there any Extra Charge to bring your Pet along
  • Will your Pet be provided Food/You need to carry it.
  • Are there any Vets nearby.
  • Whether Bed for your Pet would be provided.
  • Are there any Pet Friendly restaurants nearby.

Apart from the above please find a list of things which needs to be carried when a Trip is planned with your Pet Buddies

Water: Water is an essential item that needs to be carried when u travel with your Pets to keep them hydrated always.

Your Pets Favorite Toys: Pets may take time to adapt to a new place/environment, to keep them entertained ensure to take their favorite toys.

Pet Food: Obviously to keep your pet free from hunger.

Pet’s Favorite Treats: To reward your Pet for good behavior during the trip.

Vaccination Certificates: Carry a copy of your Vaccination Certificates.

First Care Kit/Necessary Medications/Prescriptions: Please ensure that carry your First Care Kit and medicines which your Furry Buddy regularly has.

Before I Conclude would like to add a few points, I myself am a Pet Parent and an enthusiast Car Driver. In my personal experience and opinion as far as Travel with Pets is concerned the best option is travel by road. This is because we can plan and customize our trip ourselves and also take breaks/recesses at our convenience, just adding a few points while planning a Road Trip with Pets

Before starting Long Road Trips with your Pets make then accustomed with Road Trips like take them for a short road trips and understand how they respond to the travel.

Have a good quality Pet Carrier this will help them to relax in their own atmosphere.

Never leave your Pet locked up in Car for long when the ignition is off especially in hot climate.

Always ensure you have plenty of fresh water on hand, this will keep your Pet hydrated.

If your Pet doesn’t show interest in road travel, please avoid and do not compel them to accompany you.

Have recesses/break whenever needed as your Pet would need it more than you do.

Travelling with Pet

To summarize travelling with your Pet in India is very much convenient, however Change is the most difficult for humans. So is it for Pets, sudden change can cause Stress in Pets. Hence try your best to stick on to your Pet’s routine even when on travel (like having a morning/evening stroll).

Traveling with your beloved pets has become easier than ever with the rise of pet-friendly transportation and accommodations. However, it comes with responsibilities such as consulting your vet, having proper carriers, and ensuring your pet’s safety. When planning a road trip, acclimating your pet gradually and sticking to their routine can make the journey enjoyable. For all your pet travel needs, consider checking out the best online dog store, like Furvilla Pet Store, for convenience in pets’ online shopping. Here’s to many fur-tactic adventures ahead!

Wish you have a Purr-fact Holiday!!!!!