Are you planning to adopt/foster a Dog Home? You are on the right track because India’s Pet Market has grown exponentially over the past years. There is also a rise in Pet adoption figures in Indian Households ever since COVIC-19 pandemic.

Apart from these facts and figures there are also psychological factors associated with raising a Dog. Raising a Dog helps Pet owners to cope up with psychological distress, stress, loneliness and anxiety. The unconditional love shown by your Dog also provides Pet owners’ mental support.

Let’s take a look at some Dog breeds which can be easy to adapt to Indian Households.

1. Pug

Pugs are small size Dog breeds that are originated from China, their main hobby is snoozing in comfortable corners of your house. They sleep for almost 16 – 18 hours per day.


  • Easy-Going
  • Very Affectionate to humans
  • Gets along with humans very well


  • They have a stubborn nature and cannot be trained easily.
  • Has a thick Coat which needs regular brushing?
  • Facial Wrinkles/Flaps/Folds need to be cleaned regularly to prevent Skin Diseases/Infection.

2. PomeranianPomeranian Dog

Pomeranians fall under the small size Dog breeds which trace their roots to Germany. They can be described as A Cute Companion for Pet parents as they have a pleasing personality and stylish look with a recognizable smile.


  • Very Small in Size
  • Wears a cute smile
  • Has a lustrous Coat


  • They have a Stubborn nature and have to be trained.
  • Adds to maintenance as the Coat needs to be brushed regularly.
  • Have a tendency to bark a lot which can cause trouble to your neighbours.

3. Beagle

Beagles which were actually originated from Great Britain are small size Dog breeds. They are fond of exploring and are very curious by nature.


  • Low cost of maintenance as Beagles have a short coat and seldom need grooming.
  • Has a very friendly nature.
  • Has a handsome look.


  • Training Beagles is a big challenge as they are very stubborn by nature.

4. Indian Pariah

These Dogs fall under the medium size category breed and are natives of India. They are also called Desis/Indies. They appear the most active/healthy dogs in India.


  • Requires minimal maintenance as their coat needs minimal grooming.
  • Extremely loyal and courageous breed.
  • Requires very less human intervention while bringing up.


  • Maybe aggressive to humans and other dogs at times.

5. LabradorLabrador Dog

Labradors are believed to be originated from Newfoundland and they fall under medium size breeds of Dogs. They are considered to be very intelligent, loyal and very energetic breed of Dogs. They are mostly used as Sniffer/Service Dogs in Police and Military.


  • Good Companions for older generation people.
  • Best Companions for Families who love Travelling and Outdoor adventures.


  • They need lots of exercise and obedience training.
  • May be destructive sometimes which may cause them to bark, chew.

6. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are natives of Germany and fall under large-medium breeds of Dogs. They are popular for their courageous attitude and are very protective to people they love.


  • Very attached to their families.
  • Display a headstrong attitude.


  • They may be hostile towards strangers and may be aggressive to them.
  • They need to trained from childhood to socialize with people.
  • They need to be properly trained so that they grow up to be gentle companions to their families.

7. Doberman

Dobermans fall under large breed of dogs that are natives of Germany. Dobermans are very active and energetic dogs which make them suitable for being guard dogs.


  • They have a protective instinct.
  • Affectionate to children.


  • They need proper guard training as without that they make become nervous and aggressive.
  • As they possess fierce protective instincts, they need proper training and should be socialized with other people and other dogs from a young age.

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are natives of Scotland and are one of the most popular breeds worldwide.

They can be specially trained to be guide dogs for blind and differently-abled humans.


  • Very amicable and affectionate in nature.
  • Suitable for Families.
  • Very intelligent and even-tempered.


  • Prone to obesity and health diseases and hence need regular exercises to stay fit.

Before we conclude, just adding a personal point while showing affection and sympathy while welcoming home a new pet always remembers to adopt and not shop.

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