Due to the fact that every item is custom-made, we can not accept returns or exchanges.

  1. Orders may be cancelled if no progress has been made on the order.
  2. In the event that your item does not fit, you (the customer) will have the responsibility of providing photos and/or videos that prove that the measurements sent in your order were correct. This MUST be done within 2 days of receipt of your item. Including, but not limited to, photos and videos that I will request in order to assess the problem. Absolutely no exceptions will be made if an error is declared after 2 days of receipt of the item. If an error has been made on our end the issue will be remediated immediately with a replacement/alteration item or a refund. If the error is made on the customer’s end, we will not be responsible for providing a replacement/alteration item or a refund.
  3. Once the product is no longer in my possession, we have no control over how it is used or abused by the customer. Due to this, we can not offer a guarantee or warranty for any items sold.
  4. Replacements and alteration will NOT be done for regular wear and tear, chewed or torn items.
  5. Did Your Order Arrive Damaged? All shipments are fully insured; damaged merchandise will be replaced promptly.


If a product appears damaged at the time of delivery, you have the right to refuse it

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